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Download the Source Code

Welcome to the download page. Here you will find direct download links for individual ingredients of the Open Visual Cloud. 

Open Visual Cloud - GitHub Repos

The Open Visual Cloud reference pipelines are provided as Dockerfiles to simplify setup and evaluation, and are intended to serve as a starting point for your new or enhanced service development.

Scalable Video Technology - GitHub Repos

Scalable Video Technology (SVT) is a software-based video coding technology that is highly optimized for Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and Intel® Xeon® D processors. SVT is designed for cloud-native scalability, and it provides outstanding tradeoffs between visual quality and performance, for both VOD and live visual cloud applications.

Visit the SVT developer home page at or navigate straight to the GitHub repos below.


Visual Cloud Accelerator Cards (VCAC) are high density acceleration solutions for use in network edge servers. Visual Cloud Accelerator Card – Analytics (VCAC-A) combines on card video endode/decode and inference for powerful high density media analytics. Visual Cloud Accelerator Card – Rendering (VCAC-R) delivers powerful graphics processing capabilities for cloud gaming.

Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit - GitHub Repos

  • Intel® Embree
    Embree is a collection of high-performance ray tracing kernels to improve the performance of photo-realistic rendering applications. More information can be found here
  • Intel® OSPRay
    This portable ray-tracing engine delivers high-performance, high-fidelity visualization for CPUs on Intel® architecture. Visit for more information. 
  • Intel® OpenSWR 
    This is a high-performance, scalable software rasterizer in the Mesa open-source community project, which is compatible with OpenGL*.
  • Intel® Open Image Denoise 
    An open source library of image denoising and filtering algorithms to improve visual quality and reduce rendering times. 

OpenVINO - GitHub Repos

Based on Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), the OpenVINO™ Toolkit extends computer vision (CV) inference workloads across Intel® hardware, maximizing performance. The OpenVINO toolkit includes the Deep Learning Deployment Toolkit (DLDT).

  • OpenVINO Toolkit 
    Develop applications and solutions that emulate human vision with the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit.
  • Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO Toolkit 
    In addition to supporting Intel® Xeon® processors, this distribution enables optimal performance on other hardware from Intel, such as:
    • Intel® FPGA
    • Intel® Movidius™ Vision Processing Unit (VPU)
  • Deploy pretrained deep learning models through a high-level C++ or Python* inference engine API integrated with application logic.
  • Open Model Zoo 
    Deploy pretrained deep learning models through a high-level C++ inference engine API integrated with application logic.

Intel® Media SDK - GitHub Repo

  • Intel® Media SDK
    Intel processor graphics acceleration of video encoding, decoding, and pre-processing in applications for Microsoft Windows* and embedded Linux*.


  • Open WebRTC Toolkit
    Provide end-to-end solution for real-time media processing and delivery, including real-time streaming, conferencing, transcoding and analytics.


  • VCDP/MediaSDK                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Open Source release of media stack for SG1


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