Ozone-Wayland - Chromium browser, the Wayland preview release

We are very happy to announce the release of the first Chromium browser built with Wayland graphics support. It is a preview version only though aimed for developers and will contain a lot of issues that we are hoping to track them together with the community. The following link contains the installation instructions:

We are releasing two tarballs, one for Ubuntu 12.04 and another for Fedora 19, with 64-bit pre-compiled binaries on those distributions -- note that we didn't want to pick one particular distribution for developing Chromium Wayland, so both Ubuntu and Fedora were chosen only for their practicalities. Besides, we do encourage developers who are using different Linux distributions and CPU architectures to build and compile Chromium Wayland from the scratch instead, using the HOWTO from Ozone-Wayland repository.
Chromium and Wayland developers, package maintainers and any other enthusiasts are very welcome now to join freenode #ozone-wayland to discuss further development and start discussions via our issue tracking system. More deep changes in Chromium and Ozone architecture should be addresed in the newly created ozone-dev forum.
We will follow up with a few more releases soon, but we want to emphasize that there are no plans in the future to keep doing this ourselves because we believe it is easier for distributions maintain their own Chromium Wayland releases, based on their toolchain and packages builds.
Thank you,
the Ozone-Wayland development team