Ozone-Wayland - Chromium Browser on Wayland

A few days ago we've recorded a simple Weston session running Chromium Browser, showing the current state of Ozone-Wayland:

you can see a Youtube HTML5 video being played, some menu pop-upsfullscreen window feature, and a demonstration of WebGL with accelerated
hardware. The video pretty much summarizes the effort the team has put lately to bring feature parity between Chromium Browser on Wayland and its old brother X11.
We also would like to thank everyone involved in the development of Ozone-Wayland. Our project hit the mark of 400 commits, 5k lines of code and a total of 8 contributors in only seven months of development! Come help and hang out with us in #ozone-wayland at Freenode.

the Ozone-Wayland development team