Ozone-Wayland - Ozone-Wayland - Chromium-Wayland browser (FOR DEVELOPERS ONLY) - Milestone Valentine


Release Date: 

21 Feb, 2014
Milestone Valentine
Release Date: 20 Feb 2014.Based on Chromium-
Channel: Beta.
Branch: 1809.
Revision: f9d72a2c6700e0e4a4fb7d17ca5b9203f5500bcd.

These binaries are only meant for developers to try the browser. Use it at your own risk.

Steps to try out the tarball (chromium-wayland-ubuntu-34.0.1809.2.tar.gz):
$ tar xzvf chromium-wayland-ubuntu-34.0.1809.2.tar.gz
$ cd chromium-wayland-ubuntu-34.0.1809.2.tar.gz/
~/chromium-wayland-ubuntu-34.0.1809.2.$ ./chrome --no-sandbox --profile-directory

Steps to try out on Tizen-IVI(chromium-tizen-34.0.01829.0-0.i686.tar.gz):
$ tar xzvf chromium-tizen-34.0.01829.0-0.i686.tar.gz

This should extract the needed RPM package. You should be able to install this as any normal
Tizen-IVI package.

New Features enabled in this release:
1) Support to resize and Maximize window.

Fixed Issues:
Full list can be found here: 

Known issues:
- Dialog boxes are not supported. i.e. Action like SaveAs in a page causes a crash.
- Missing Drag and Drop support.
The release has been tested on Ubuntu 12.04, x86-64 against the following

1) Wayland and Weston.
   Version: 1.3
   Wayland Revision: 84247b7513abd03720438192c0cd2a815a294dec
   Weston Revision: 5e3ff49c7d4ed46c1678e640ec11f6938369c0bc
2) Mesa.
   Version: 10.0
   Revision: b160fea306b1f922d7699bf1c91f39e0a2797734
3) DRM.
   Revision: 4c5de721c4ef96ef412fd6af4cb415f04a7515f6
4) GLProto.
   Revision: 7adf6d08b7d9fe1304f8c37f5a9152df97a6344d
5) libunwind.
   Revision: 2c3444d0f4821b159d60290c514a8aeba8d9061f
6) libxkbcommon.
   Revision: 9a3c115be045189aa8b688d1cf9468488df4a491
7) Cairo.
   Revision: dcbe16eb40b488f89f2398181f4c3f8a65f84b52
8) Pixman.
   Revision: 9ba3a34797399b286dbfe21c7b213a7547abf577