Ozone-Wayland is the implementation of Chromium's Ozone for supporting Wayland graphics system. Ozone is a set of classes in Chromium for abstracting different window systems on Linux. It provides abstraction for the construction of accelerated surfaces underlying Aura UI framework, input devices assignment, and event handling. Different projects based on Chromium/Blink, like the Chrome browser, ChromeOS, among others, can now be enabled using Wayland.


Release Date: 
21 Feb, 2014
Milestone Valentine
Release Date: 20 Feb 2014.Based on Chromium-
Channel: Beta.
Branch: 1809.
Revision: f9d72a2c6700e0e4a4fb7d17ca5b9203f5500bcd.

These binaries are only meant for developers to try the browser. Use it at your own risk.

Steps to try out the tarball (chromium-wayland-ubuntu-34.0.1809.2.tar.gz):
$ tar xzvf chromium-wayland-ubuntu-34.0.1809.2.tar.gz
$ cd chromium-wayland-ubuntu-34.0.1809.2.tar.gz/
~/chromium-wayland-ubuntu-34.0.1809.2.$ ./chrome --no-sandbox --profile-directory

Steps to try out on Tizen-IVI(chromium-tizen-34.0.01829.0-0.i686.tar.gz):
$ tar xzvf chromium-tizen-34.0.01829.0-0.i686.tar.gz

This should extract the needed RPM package. You should be able to install this as any normal
Tizen-IVI package.

New Features enabled in this release:
1) Support to resize and Maximize window.

Fixed Issues:
Full list can be found here: 

Known issues:
- Dialog boxes are not supported. i.e. Action like SaveAs in a page causes a crash.
- Missing Drag and Drop support.
The release has been tested on Ubuntu 12.04, x86-64 against the following

1) Wayland and Weston.
   Version: 1.3
   Wayland Revision: 84247b7513abd03720438192c0cd2a815a294dec
   Weston Revision: 5e3ff49c7d4ed46c1678e640ec11f6938369c0bc
2) Mesa.
   Version: 10.0
   Revision: b160fea306b1f922d7699bf1c91f39e0a2797734
3) DRM.
   Revision: 4c5de721c4ef96ef412fd6af4cb415f04a7515f6
4) GLProto.
   Revision: 7adf6d08b7d9fe1304f8c37f5a9152df97a6344d
5) libunwind.
   Revision: 2c3444d0f4821b159d60290c514a8aeba8d9061f
6) libxkbcommon.
   Revision: 9a3c115be045189aa8b688d1cf9468488df4a491
7) Cairo.
   Revision: dcbe16eb40b488f89f2398181f4c3f8a65f84b52
8) Pixman.
   Revision: 9ba3a34797399b286dbfe21c7b213a7547abf577