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Packet Processing

There is ever-increasing pressure on networks to perform and manage greater workloads with the uptick in cloud, mobility, and now the Internet of Things. The Packet Processing project contains an important collection of tools to accelerate development of network transformation software, as outlined by Software Defined Networking (SDN) and a complementary initiative, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).

Defect Management Reporting Update

BY John DiGiglio ON Mar 14, 2014

The last three months have seen tremendous growth in code size, complexity and number of community participants for the Intel® DPDK accelerated vSwitch. While very exciting, we were coming to a stage in late January where we needed to set up some of the fundamentals of this community-led project to ensure that its steep acceptance curve continues throughout 2014.  One of these areas is defect management and triaging. The Intel and Wind River teams working on Intel® DPDK vSwitch came together in February to develop a more formal defect tracking mechanism using the capabilities of the public Github system we were already using for the project. The output of this work can be seen here:

Going forward, we would like to encourage the contributors to this project to use Github to report any issues instead of posting them to the mailing list. We are also planning to kick off public bug scrubs soon and will share the details of how you can become involved through the mailing list and in the blog section of the Intel® DPDK vSwitch website.


John DiGiglio and Chris Buerger