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The pm-graph project provides sleepgraph and bootgraph tools for system developers to visualize the activity in suspend/resume and boot, allowing them to identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks. Using the sleepgraph and bootgraph tools is an excellent way to save power in Linux* platforms, whether in mobile devices using Intel® technology or large-scale server farms. Optimizing the performance of suspend/resume has become extremely important because the more time spent entering and exiting low power modes, the less the system can be in use.

pm-graph is an open source project where all of our development is done in the open. Improvements to the kernel should be submitted directly to the mailing list.

Please carefully review our Participation Guidelines before contributing to pm-graph.


The development pm-graph git repositories are hosted at GitHub.


Report bugs/issues at Tools/pm-graph


Clone our github repository and send patches! Code speaks louder than words. When you are ready to send patches: