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PowerTOP v2.1 Release

BY 01 Staff (not verified) ON Aug 15, 2012

We are pleased to announce the release of PowerTOP v2.1 which concludes a minor release.

About PowerTOP

PowerTOP is a Linux tool to diagnose issues with power consumption and power management. In addition to being a diagnostic tool, PowerTOP also has an interactive mode where you can experiment with various power management settings for cases where the Linux distribution has not enabled those settings.
PowerTOP reports which components in the system are most likely to blame for a higher-than-needed power consumption, ranging from software applications to active components in the system. Detailed screens are available for CPU C and P states, device activity, and software activity.
For many years, PowerTOP has been used heavily by Intel, Linux distributors, and various parts of the open source community. We're hoping that our users find the second generation even more useful for their needs.


  • Added Transifex project integration
  • Added localization of the UI with 9 languages in progress and active
  • Support for cores without P-states
  • Support for Intel GPU statistics
  • PowerTOP manual page added
  • Added an option to specify workload to run during measurement
  • Add an option to suppress output to the terminal
  • Added more ARM support assets
  • Synced Traceevent library from the kernel tree for better event parsing 
  • Bug fixes and clean ups 

Project Details

Mailing list:

The development PowerTOP git repositories are hosted at GitHub.

Note: We will not use any of the integrate, merge, or tracking functions of GitHub, so please continue to use the provided lists.

For localization support and contributions we are using Transifex. 

Our thanks

For this release, we would like to give a special thanks to the following contributors, and all contributors to PowerTOP. Not in any particular order:
Benedikt Morbach, Colin Ian King, Dirk Brandewie, Igor Zhbanov, Ivan Shapovalov, Jaroslav Škarvada, Magnus Fromreide, Mike Frysinger, Németh Márton, Patrick McCarty, Rajagopal Venkat, Sergey Senozhatsky, Stefan Weil, Steven Rostedt, Vinicius Costa Gomes, Jason, Margie Foster 
Current v2.2 goals under consideration are:
Continued improvements to the UI, including resolution scaling
Continued support of emerging Intel Architecture
Continued support of emerging Kernel development