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PowerTOP v2.6 released!

BY Alexandra Yates ON May 16, 2014

PowerTOP v2.6 Release

We are pleased to announce the release of PowerTOP v2.6.


About PowerTOP
PowerTOP is a Linux tool to diagnose issues with power consumption and
power management. In addition to being a diagnostic tool, PowerTOP also
has an interactive mode you can use to experiment with various power
management settings, for cases where the Linux distribution has not
enabled those settings.

PowerTOP reports which components in the system are most likely to blame
for higher-than-needed power consumption, ranging from software
applications to active components in the system. Detailed screens are
available for CPU C and P states, device activity, and software activity.

For many years, PowerTOP has been used heavily by Intel, Linux
distributors, and various parts of the open source community.


* Changed Look and feel of HTML report

* Allow compilation with C++11

* Several bug fixes


Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release!

Alexandra Yates (59):

      report-formater-html: add logo

      report: call powertop logo

      html-report: add title and div tags

      report: report maker add title and div

      report-csv: title, div, logo, header

      report-html: summary list and navigation

      report-maker: navigation & summary

      report-csv: Added navigation & summary list

      report-html: Table generation

      report-maker: modular table generation

      report-csv: modular table

      report: Logo and system Information

      report-html-css: html 5 and css for new design

      report-summary: enable html and csv new styles

      report: redesign html menu

      report: CPU Idle section redesigned html & csv

      report: Fixed html summary & menu colapse styles

      report: CPU Frequency html & csv

      report: redesign Software Information csv and html

      report: redesign Device Power Report csv & html

      report: Redesign Device Activity csv & html report

      report: cleanup csv title and unused vars

      report: report tuning with new desig html & csv

      report-html: fixed not hidding sections errors

      report: fixed empty SW settings in need of tunning

      report: design batery discharge/system baseline

      report: conditional runs ncurses & cpu html report

      report: logo size & menu compatibility

      tunables: removed on-demand cpu frequency governor

      report-cleanup: removed old table, row, & cell.

      report-cleanup: removed html & csv old methods

      fix initialization errors in cpu

      report: fixed init warnings for cpu & do_process

      ahci: add broken out lpm statistics

      Merge branch 'test'

      report process idle state report fix gpu support

      report processor frequency fixed index

      Bug fix: corrected IVB Xeon CPUID

      cpuid: Enabled support for Intel next generation

      bug fix - cpu_rapl_device memory leak

      bug fix - device list memory leak

      Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// into intertnal

      bug fix - memory leak abstract_cpu destructor

      bug-fix: memory leak on register_devpower

      cpuid: Enabled support for Intel next generation

      Merge branch 'memleak'

      Version 2.6     Signed-off-by: Alexandra Yates <>

      fix-bug: change equal sign for underline

      Upded AHCI ALPM patch.

      Fix-bug: missing colon on css

      Updated translation files


Christophe Prigent (1):

      PowerTop logo is not displayed in the html report if you generate it outside the source folder


Colin Ian King (8):

      event-parse: don't free uninitialized token

      event-parse: fix common realloc out of memory freeing issue

      Fix a few minor spelling mistakes/typos

      event-parse: fix compilation warning

      event-parse: don't free uninitialized token

      event-parse: fix common realloc out of memory freeing issue

      Fix a few minor spelling mistakes/typos

      event-parse: fix compilation warning


Kristen Carlson Accardi (2):

      cpu: fix seg fault due to stray semi-colon

      tuning: fix unitialized rows variable


Magnus Fromreide (1):

      Allow compilation with C++11


Sergey Senozhatsky (2):

      tuningsysfs: fix msg typo

      tuningsysfs: use lib process_directory() helper


Wieland Hoffmann (1):

      bt_tunable: Translate Good, Bad, Unknown


Known Bugs:

We plan to fix this bugs in a future release.  

  1. PowerTOP shows all CPUs Idle 99% and 600 MHz is always around 1% even when executing a workload.  This happens when setting the Frequency stats to powersave governor.      
  2. Several warnings when compiling PowerTop
  3. When generating a PowerTOp.csv cells arrangement breaks when device name contains a coma.  This also happens when changing the language since decimal nomenclature changes from “.” to  a “,”.
  4. W3C validator "Markup Validation Service" returns one error.  The error presented is due to a character not recognized by the html encoding. It is presented under CPU Information field at the header.