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PowerTOP v2.3 release

BY Kristen Accardi ON Mar 19, 2013

We are pleased to announce the release of PowerTOP v2.3. This is a maintenance release.

About PowerTOP

PowerTOP is a Linux tool used to diagnose issues with power consumption and power management. In addition to being a diagnostic tool, PowerTOP also has an interactive mode you can use to experiment with various power management settings, for cases where the Linux distribution has not enabled those settings.

PowerTOP reports which system components are most likely to blame for higher-than-needed power consumption, ranging from software applications to active hardware components. Detailed screens are available for CPU C and P states, device activity, and software activity.


  • Reduced duplication in CPU code
  • Improved ARM build support
  • Various bug fixes and cleanups

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release!


Austin Zhang (2):
      V2: Fix C states and P states presentation issue.
      Using std::max to handle all such kind of logic
Daniel Kahn Gillmor (1):
      Correct script for tuning wifi power_save with iw
Ivan Shapovalov (10):
      Fix includes: do not include intel_cpus.h inside cpu.h
      Deduplication: move is_turbo() function to lib
      Deduplication: move all instances of account_freq() to abstract_cpu::account_freq()
      Deduplication: remove nhm_cpu::account_freq() almost identical to abstract_cpu::account_freq()
      Deduplication: remove nhm_{cpu, core, package}::change_effective_frequency() identical to cpu_{linux, core, package}::change_effective_frequency()
      Deduplication: merge cpu_{core, linux, package}::change_effective_frequency() into abstract_cpu::change_effective_frequency()
      Deduplication: remove {cpu, nhm}_core::calculate_freq() identical to abstract_cpu::calculate_freq()
      Deduplication: remove nhm_package::calculate_freq() identical to cpu_package::calculate_freq()
      Deduplication: properly merge cpu_package::calculate_freq() into abstract_cpu::calculate_freq()
      Deduplication: merge go_idle()/go_unidle()/change_freq() overrides into abstract_cpu() class
Jaroslav Skarvada (1):
      cpufreq: only try to open files under cpuX
Jaroslav Škarvada (2):
      report: fixed crash when writing report to RO filesystem
      Do not call abstract_cpu::wiggle for GPU
Kristen Carlson Accardi (4):
      pot update: changes required for transifex due to string change
      new and modified po files from transifex
      change version for 2.3
      fix issue with string termination
Namhyung Kim (4):
      process: Get rid of unused dbg_printf_pevent_info()
      main: 'quiet' option does not take an argument
      main: Fix output when running workload
Paul Menzel (1):
      src/cpu/cpu.cpp: Fix typo in error message: freque*nc*y
Rajagopal Venkat (1):
      Allow frequency stats when cpuidle is not enabled
Sergey Senozhatsky (5):
      tab_window: null members on construction
      parameters: fix uninitialized values in param/result getters
      runtime_pm: register parameters
      remove csstoh.c
      measurement: handle multiple batteries in global_time_left()
Thomas Waldecker (2): shell script fixes cross compiling issues
      csstoh shell-script for cross-compiling
Project Details
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Discussions about PowerTOP occur on the PowerTOP at mailing list.
The development PowerTOP git repositories are hosted at GitHub.
GIT-readonly: git://
Note: We will not use any of GitHub's integrate, merge, or tracking 
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For localization support and contributions, we are using Transifex.