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Release Date: 
Mar 10, 2017


PowerTOP v2.9 Release


We are pleased to announce the release of PowerTOP v2.9.


About PowerTOP:

PowerTOP is a Linux tool to diagnose issues with power consumption and power management. In addition to being a diagnostic tool, PowerTOP also has an interactive mode you can use to experiment with various power management settings, for cases where the Linux distribution has not enabled those settings.

PowerTOP reports which components in the system are most likely to blame for higher-than-needed power consumption, ranging from software applications to active components in the system. Detailed screens are available for CPU C and P states, device activity, and software activity. For many years, PowerTOP has been used heavily by Intel, Linux distributors, and various parts of the open source community.


About PowerTOP v2.9 release:

This is a minor release enabling support for the 7th generation Intel® Core™ processors based on Kaby Lake microarchitecture and Next Generation Intel Atom processors based on Goldmont Microarchitecture. Other important feature change in this release is that, for Intel cpus we have stopped displaying pstate idle percentage when intel_pstate is enabled. This change will be reflected in the Frequency Stats tab. There has also been a lot of bug fixes thanks to the contributors’ from the open source community.




Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release!


Boris ARZUR (1):

      enable --auto-tune without debugfs


Daniel Black (5): need reference to m4 directory

      Add process_glob similar to process_directory.

      Widen ppc64 paths for sysfs file

      MSR is valid for x86_32/x86_64 only

      Calculate the number of joules consumed over time


Jan Engelhardt (2):

      Fix crash due to buffer overruns

      Avoid hardcoding magic values when sizeof can be used


Joe Konno (17):

      .gitignore: ignore vim swap, cscope, ctags

      intel_cpus: frequency: clarify average clock speed

      intel_cpus: no pstate Idle pct with intel_pstate bump version to 2.9-pre add --install to ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS

      gettext: run gettextize-0.18.2

      .gitignore: ignnore m4/pkg.m4

      Makevars: align more closely to generated .template

      scripts: add regenerate-potfiles-in script refresh files with strings

      powertop.pot: xgettext refresh, attribution fix

      po: regenerate with new POT and strings

      main.cpp: remove __DATE__ from --version version strings from git describe

      search/replace POWERTOP_VERSION and SHORT_VERSION add doxygen support

      Enable Intel KBL support


Madper Xie (1):

      Throw error message when system cmd returns Non-zero value.


Nivedita Swaminathan (5):

      Adding the PTHREAD_CFLAGS option

      Fix crash due to unbounded string copies

      Revert "Fix crash due to unbounded string copies"

      Enabling Intel BXT support

      Additional comments added for clarity


Oleg Drokin (3):

      Add support for usbdevfs

      Show idle processes holding devices at full power

      Fix misaligned curly brace


Ondřej Lysoněk (2):

      Fixed some potentially unterminated strings

      Fixed a dangling pointer


Paul Menzel (1):

      cpu: Add space after comma


Stewart Smith (2):

      cpu: support powerpc /proc/cpuinfo

      Add support for power consumption sensors through opal-sensors sysfs


Thomas Ilsche (1):

      powertop changes the frequency set by the userspace governor to the minimum available frequency.


Yaroslav Isakov (2):

      Detect all audio cards in the system (not only card0)

      Fixed bug when all PCI devices usage is shown as 00%


eSyr (2):

      Checking whether librt is needed for clock_gettime().

      Adding PID to process description.