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PowerTOP is a Linux tool to diagnose issues with power consumption and power management. 

In addition to being a diagnostic tool, PowerTOP also has an interactive mode where the user can experiment various power management settings for cases where the Linux distribution has not enabled these settings. 

The second generation of PowerTOP (version 2.0 and later) is a complete redesign of the core code, and offers more comprehensive diagnostic capabilities, a more intuitive interactive mode and reporting modes that are helpful for QA teams and their automated tools.

PowerTOP will report which components in the system are most likely to blame for a higher-than-needed power consumption, from software applications to active components in the system. Detailed screens are available for CPU C and P states, Device activity as well as Software activity.

PowerTOP overview screen shot

For many years, PowerTOP has been in heavy use by Intel, Linux distributors and various parts of the Open Source community, and we're hoping that our users find the second generation even more useful for their needs.