Celadon is an open source Android* software reference stack for Intel architecture. It builds upon a vanilla Android stack and incorporates open sourced components that are optimized for the hardware. With code transparency and a rich set of hardware implementations, Celadon provides the freedom and flexibility to customize, validate improvements, or leverage hardware acceleration for various use cases. This flexibility empowers the Android community to bring ideas to life while developing on the latest Android release and on the latest Intel hardware platforms. It also provides the opportunity for the community to contribute and continuously improve the open platform as it evolves.


If you are familiar with the Android system architecture you are at an advantage because Celadon is based on the standard Android stack architecture. Celadon is built on a Linux* kernel and contains the familiar Android libraries and frameworks. Many different hardware abstraction layer (HAL) interfaces and drivers are developed for Celadon to enable capabilities and hardware acceleration, with more in the works. 

Celadon Architecture

Development Model

Celadon has a similar development model to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). The Celadon Android stack foundation comes from upstream open sources such as AOSP and kernel.org. This means the Android platform and the Linux kernel in Celadon is always based on the latest and stable releases from these sources. From this foundation we work to enable various drivers and hardware abstraction layers, add enhancements, apply patches, or fix bugs. We also run the stack through Android’s Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) and Vendor Test Suites (VTS) to ensure Android compatibility to the greatest extent possible before releasing. 

Release manifest snapshots and pre-build images are available for community download.

We gladly accept contributions to improve the Celadon stack. Instructions to contribute are outlined on the Community page.

Supported Platforms

Celadon is supported on the following reference platforms:

Reference Platforms Processor

Intel® NUC Kit NUC7i5DNHE 

Intel® Core™ i5-7300U Processor (Formerly Kaby Lake)


Intel® Celeron® Processor J3455 (Formerly Apollo Lake)

Supported Components

Celadon supports various hardware components with more in the works.  Refer to the Release notes for the latest updates on the features enabled. 



  • MESA graphics - OpenGL ES 3.0 support
  • MESA graphics - Vulkan 1.0 support
  • Graphics Memory Allocator (Gralloc) 1.0
  • Display - HDMI display support
  • Display - HWC 2.0 support



  • USB digital audio playback
  • Analog audio (MP3/AAC) playback on stereo headset
  • Audio parameter framework for audio routing policy



  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Wired ethernet
  • Dual mode Bluetooth 4.2



  • Android grub boot support

More to come...