Cloud Gaming Solutions for Android on Intel Architectures

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With cloud gaming growing in popularity, service providers are challenged to find scalable solutions that provide rich gaming experiences to large numbers of end users, regardless of the mobile device or operating system being used. Celadon, Intel's open source Android distribution, provides a gateway to this new form of gaming by incorporating containerization technologies into the operating system to provide cloud gaming functionality for x86 devices. Named Celadon in Container, it enables service providers to run containerized Android applications on Linux enabled Intel Architectures, building the scalability necessary for unique game play experiences in the cloud.

Celadon in Container provides developers and game providers the ability to:

  • Accelerate Development. Developers benefit from Project Celadon open platform enablement and lower time to market by developing cloud gaming solutions on the latest Android releases. Celadon supports the latest Android dessert from Google, providing critical bug fixes and security updates in the kernel.
  • Improve Efficiency.¬†Project Celadon is an Android open source platform for Intel Architecture, which also allows developers to leverage Intel hardware acceleration and provides the flexibility to customize to the latest Android applications
  • Scale Reliably. Project Celadon can be used to build dense cloud gaming solutions meant to run Android applications in containers.

Developers and service providers can use Celadon in Container to create high density cloud gaming workloads on Linux enabled Intel architectures. To learn more about running Android apps in containers, download the Cloud Gaming solution brief, explore getting started with Celadon, or contact the Project Celadon team.