Digital Signage Solutions for Android on Intel Architectures

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The retail sector is driving growth in the digital signage industry, generating demand for reliable signage solutions that utilize multiple operating systems. In turn, solution providers have been searching for performant hardware and software platforms that address customer concerns around operating system flexibility and hardware reliability.

Project Celadon is an Android* open source platform for Intel® architecture, which allows ODMs, OEM manufacturers, and ecosystem partners to:

  • Accelerate Development. Developers can benefit from Project Celadon open platform enablement and lower time to market by developing digital signage solutions on the latest Android releases. Celadon supports the latest Android dessert from Google, providing critical bug fixes and security updates in the kernel.
  • Improve Efficiency. Project Celadon is an Android open source platform for Intel Architecture, which also allows developers to leverage Intel® hardware, enabling out-of-the-box functionality on a consistently updated, pre-tested, and validated stack.
  • Scale Reliably. Project Celadon can be used to build software implementations for retail digital signage deployments.

A digital signage solution based on Intel® Silicon and Android would be compelling to customers who are challenged to bring large digital signage implementations without significant hardware lead times associated with custom hardware development. This hardware and software solution is based on standard ingredients, such that customer hardware and software development is not needed.

Use Project Celadon to create a digital media player with multi OS support, including Android. To learn more about how Now Micro was able to utilize Project Celadon and the Intel Celeron® J3455 processor (Apollo Lake), to bring a digital signage oriented, Android OS based media player device to market, download the Digital Signage solution brief, explore getting started with Celadon, or contact the Project Celadon team.