Smart Classroom Solutions for Android on Intel Architectures

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In the past, educators were constrained to traditional classroom engagement models due to the limited tools available - standard whiteboards, overhead projectors, and voice. Research has shown, however, that students learn better in interactive environments, and smart classrooms - meaning technology-enhanced classrooms - enable educators to develop and share content in real time, empowering students to play an active role in learning. A key smart classroom technology being increasingly adopted in K-12 schools around the world is the Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD). IFPDs create opportunities to collaborate with students, which helps drive the motivation to learn a particular subject and take on new skill sets. As such, classroom use cases involving IFPD solutions will continue pushing the growth of the smart education market. Celadon in Virtual Machine, combined with Open Pluggable Specification (OPS), provides a flexible, scalable solution that accelerates deployments, streamlines maintenance, and reduces costs for developers, service providers, and end users. Benefits can be seen across the product value chain, including:

  • Accelerated development. CiV offers tools and sample code for a secure platform that includes a framework on which it is easy to develop and debug.
  • Improved efficiency. With OPS and CiV, vendors can build innovative IFPD products on optimized Intel® architectures, leveraging powerful CPU and GPU capabilities.
  • Reduced total cost. The modular components of OPS allow service providers to evolve services quickly and control the mix of services provided to flexibly meet business needs.
  • Operating system flexibility. Platform support for both Windows and Android on a single hardware platform allows end users to take full advantage of both software ecosystems.

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