Smart Education Solutions for Android on Intel Architectures

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In the past, educators were restricted to traditional classroom engagement models due to the limited tools available - standard whiteboards, overhead projectors and voice. Not anymore. With Celadon in Container (CiC), educators are able to provide student-centered, collaborative environments that capture the attention of tech aware, visual learners. 

Celadon, an open source Android platform, enables Laptop Vendors and Intelligent Classroom providers to run a mix of containerized Android* applications, mini apps, browser apps and Linux apps on a single, Linux enabled device with Intel architectures. Vendors providing solutions with Celadon will help educators create blended learning environments while leveraging hardware accelerated tools for formative classroom experiences. All together, Celadon in Container offers providers the ability to:

  • Accelerate development. Developers using Project Celadon are able to reuse existing Android applications when building on a Linux operating system on Intel Architectures. 
  • Deploy Easily. Developers can customize to the latest Android applications, deploying Android services easily without reflashing any devices.
  • Improve Efficiency. Project Celadon is optimized for Intel® architectures, allowing developers to leverage Intel® hardware acceleration.

To support many application types on the same environment, download Smart education solution briefcontact the Project Celadon team or learn how to get started with Celadon.