Smart Point-of-Sale solution with Android on Intel Architectures

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In the retail market segment today, over 50% of the retailers still do not use a Point-of-Sale (PoS) device. Rather, they are using a combination of manual methods, cash registers, QuickBooks for book keeping. However, with the evolution of cashless transactions and advanced analytics the demand for robust and smart PoS solutions has increased considerably. With Smart PoS solutions, retail stores can be digitized with Smart payment, contact-less transactions, reduce the wait time by fast billing, quick scan of the QR codes, promotional content display etc.

The power of x86 architecture ensures fast and robust transactions along with Android OS offering a better user experience and richer capabilities. Vendors can further extend the solution for richer use cases like inventory management, personalized promotion content display, and Theft management using the AI capabilities on x86 platforms

For the existing PoS customer devices running on Windows or Linux OS, this solution also provides the flexibility to run Celadon in parallel with other operating systems thus reducing software compatibility issues for vendors. So of the key benefits of the solution are:

  • Accelerated development. Celadon offers tools, sample code and a framework on which it is easy to develop and debug.
  • Improved efficiency. Vendors can build innovative and smart fixed or mobile PoS products on optimized Intel architectures, leveraging powerful CPU and GPU capabilities.
  • Operating system flexibility. Platform support for both Windows and Android on a single hardware platform allows vendors to take full advantage of both software ecosystems.
  • Scalability. Customers can re-use the product ecosystem by expanding the automation using AI capabilities

Developers can use Celadon in Virtual Machines to create smart Point-of-Sale solutions and enhance retail experiences. To learn more about running Android apps in Virtual Machines, download the Point-of-Sale solution brief, explore getting started with Celadon, or contact the Project Celadon team.