June 05, 2012
Last Updated
January 22, 2014

This Project Provides: Client device management middleware and API source code.

The Value of the Provman Project

Provman provides both middleware and an API to helps system developers create greater system accuracy and efficiency by avoiding code duplication between the various device management clients. Provman project provides a middleware component placing all the code that performs device provisioning into Provman, and then exposes this functionality via a simple to use D-Bus API. It assumes the responsibility of provisioning device settings, isolating device management clients from the underlying middleware and reducing code duplication between them.

Who It’s For

This project is for system developers, testers, debuggers, and other contributors working on client systems including desktops, clamshells, mobile, tablets and other embedded devices.

Project Specifics

This open source project is distributed under the GPLv2 open source license. With a mature and established codebase Provman is written largely in C.

About Intel Involvement

Intel is the leading contributor to Provman, enabling the ecosystem to build more efficient client systems. This project is optimized through open source for the Intel® Atom™ processors and Intel® Core™ processors.

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