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Python Library is an open source developers' package for users to easily interface and prototype appliatiions on Intel® Galileo Platforms. Our hope is that by providing open source libraries, APIs, and example code, developers will continue to expand on the framework by adding new user interfaces, drivers, and applications.



Who It's For

Wrapper is useful for developers who are interested in developing applications around robotics and drivers for integrating and evaluating new sensors on Intel Platforms.

Project Specifics

The library and code is developed in Python 2.7 running on Yocto Linux.

About Intel Involvement

Intel has developed this Python library and continues to expand the library to Intel® Galileo Gen 2 and Intel® Edison platforms.

End Users

You can download the application here. Please contact Tarun Rao ( for information on the library and to get started with your package on your Intel® Galileo.