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Rapid Interface Builder

Rapid Interface Builder (RIB) is a browser-based design tool to quickly prototype and create the user interface for web applications. It supports UI design by dropping widgets onto a canvas, running the UI in an interactive "Preview mode" and then exporting the generated HTML5 and Javascript.

RIB Preview 2

BY Geoff Gustafson ON Aug 31, 2012

Today we've reached another milestone in the development of the Rapid Interface Builder (RIB). The focus of this release was advancing our support for documented jQuery Mobile widgets and their properties. We've added widgets for Navbar and Custom Header which were missing before. We also added some basic HTML widgets: Image, Text, and Div, for some additional flexibility. We upgraded to jQuery Mobile 1.1.0 and added support for most of its new features.

We also added support for importing themes created with jQuery Mobile's Theme Roller tool. Many text properties are editable directly in the design canvas by double-clicking on them.

We also cleaned up various aspects of the application. The project view shows thumbnails based on the first page of the app, instead of a placeholder image. The drag and drop interface is much more solid with less jitter and flicker. The dialogs are cleaner. Many bugs are fixed and minor features added.

We also dropped support for the web-ui-fw widgets that we had begun to integrate before Preview-1. This was because of incompatibilities with the version of the widget library that made it into Tizen. It is still a goal for us to reintegrate with those at some point, but we decided to focus on completing the core jQuery Mobile support for now.

We recently got a JIRA database working online where you can see bugs and features we're working on. The online account creation process is still under construction, but if you contact us through IRC or our mailing list, we should be able to get you an account so you can participate directly.

It's still a preview release. There are a number of known bugs. And two big features (support for event handlers, and a dramatic expansion to the list widget support) did not make the release, but have just been merged into the master branch on github. We'd very much like to hear from you about any features that would make RIB more useful for you in creating jQuery Mobile applications.