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Rapid Interface Builder

Rapid Interface Builder (RIB) is a browser-based design tool to quickly prototype and create the user interface for web applications. It supports UI design by dropping widgets onto a canvas, running the UI in an interactive "Preview mode" and then exporting the generated HTML5 and Javascript.

Rapid Interface Builder (RIB) is a browser-based tool for designing graphical user interfaces for web applications.


  • Quickly create the UI design for web applications
  • Supports jQuery Mobile and Tizen widgets
  • Preview the application to see how it will look when running on a device
  • Runs on Google Chrome or Chromium browsers

For detailed feature and widget descriptions with screenshots, see RIB Features. To get started using RIB with your new web project, see Getting Started with RIB.

Try RIB now

Use RIB online (requires Chrome/Chromium), or see the instructions on running a local copy.

Open source

RIB is an open source project licensed under the Apache Software License v.2.0. The source is maintained in a github repository.

How to contact us

Please visit our get involved page and use our IRC channel, mailing list, bug tracker and source repository to contact us and contribute to the project.