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Rigging Tools are a collection of software tools that bridge the gap between 3D skeletal keypoints and anything that consumes them.
The term "rig" is used to define the underlying structure of anything animatable, including humanoids, balls (considered a rig with single joint in center), independent objects, etc; however, the focus is on creating hierarchical human skeletal rigs with well-defined root joints.
These tools help with:
  • converting 3-dimensional keypoints into well-defined and kinematically-correct animatable rigs
  • packaging rigs into files for archival, sharing, or Internet streaming
  • importing rigs into game engines, animation software, custom code, and custom scripts
These tools do not generate 3D keypoints from motion capture suits, depth cameras, videos or images.

Here is a brief overview of Rigging Tools: rigging_tools_presentation.pdf

More detailed documentation is available on github, including how-to, data definitions, and build instructions.