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From self-driving cars, to manufacturing and service robots, to helper devices around your home, autonomous devices are poised to become part of our everyday world. Open source hardware and software is one of the engines driving this vital, growing ecosystem.

Intel is contributing to a wide variety of hardware and software projects across the industry, including core robotics frameworks, sensors/sensor-fusion, machine-learning, computer-vision, SLAM and Navigation, etc. Intel also provides pointers and tutorials to help you make the most of your Intel-based systems.  This site serves as a portal for projects, announcements, and documentation to help you quickly find the information you need.



librealsense - open-source cross-platform camera capture for Intel(r) Realsense(tm) Cameras

ROS-Realsense -  Robot Operating System (ROS) packages that enable Intel(r) Realsense(tm) camera functionality within standard ROS topic formats