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Robotics & Autonomous Systems


Robot Development Kit v0.3.0 release

v0.3.0 release of Intel® Robot Development Kit. Comparing to v0.2.0, CNN based visual grasp detection accelerated by OpenVINO™ and two performance measurement tools are added. See details at


Robot DevKit for ROS2 Dashing Diademata

v0.2.0 release of Intel® Robot Development Kit fully supports ROS2 Dashing Diademata and Turtlebot3 chassis, including D400 serials and T265 RealSense™ cameras, OpenVINO™ for neural network inference with CPU, GPU and VPU acceleration, Object Analytics for 2D tracking and 3D localization, etc.​ See details at


Robot DevKit open source release on 4/24/2019

Robot DevKit for ROS2 release annoucement at


MoveIt China Developer Workshop on 1/16/2019

Following last October’s World MoveIt! Day, the first-ever MoveIt! China Developer Workshop 2019 was successfully held on January 16th in Suzhou, China. The workshop aimed to give an opportunity for MoveIt!/ROS developers to come together to share their experiences, projects, and plans while also exploring collaboration possibilities and working together to fix outstanding issues for the future growth of MoveIt! and industrial robots in China. Approximately 210 technical experts attended this workshop, including technical leaders from 30+ industrial companies (industrial robotics, smart manufacturing, machine vision, etc), professors, researchers and students from 7 universities, and ROS/MoveIt! community developers. ~7300 viewed the workshop’s online video stream.

Report On MoveIt! China Developer Workshop 2019