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Open source communities can innovate more effectively than traditional development models, and our goal is to bring customers, partners, and developers into the community to solve shared problems. is the community home for open source collaboration aimed at Linux* development for SoC FPGAs. This project is your one-stop-shop for all SoC FPGA needs, including code, documentation, hardware, projects, and support.

Who is it for? was established for Linux application developers, firmware engineers, and hardware engineers who need a community of likeminded engineers to collaborate with, learn from, educate, and mutually support. is for engineers who want to accelerate product development by exchanging ideas with the Linux community. Specifics enables early access to code for SoC FPGAs, including the latest stable kernel, the LTSI kernel, and the LTSI kernel with Preempt_RT. Additionally, hosts a number of reference and example designs in the Projects section. Comprehensive documentation, how-to guides, and training material are available on the Documentation wiki, and you can find additional community support on our active forum and mailing list. Stay up to date on all the exciting news on, and don't miss any noteworthy events, announcements, latest software and hardware, and new projects!

About Intel®involvement can be used to accelerate the development of products based on the Intel® families of SoC FPGAs, including Cyclone V SoC, Arria V SoC, Arria 10 SoC , and Stratix10 SoC .