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The Intel® RFID Sensor Platform SW Toolkit (Intel® RSP SW Toolkit) is a set of Software Reference Designs provided by Intel for use with the Intel® RFID Sensor Platform (Intel® RSP).  THESE REFERENCE DESIGNS ARE NOT INTENDED TO BE MARKET READY SOLUTIONS.

The Installer repository contains installation scripts that provide the "Easy Button" for installing the Intel® RSP Controller App onto the Edge Computer.  There are three directories corresponding to the three different methods of deploying; Native, Docker and Edge-X (coming soon).  The native and docker scripts are intended to run in a Linux environment ONLY.  To run the Intel® RSP Controller App in a Windows® 10 environment, install the dependencies first as described in Section 2.2 of the Installation & User Guide and use the script.

The Intel® RSP Controller App  is a Java* application accessable from a web browser that is intended to showcase the capabilities of the Intel® RSP by demonstrating the use of the API to collect and process RFID tag read information.  The rsp-sim tool is a set of scripts that simulate the commands, responses and data notifications of the Intel® RSP. This tool allows developers to begin working with the gateway project prior to receiving actual hardware.

The Intel® RSP NFC Application is an Android* application used to program security credentials into the Intel® RSP.  The features included in this reference design are intended to provide the minimum functionality required.



  • John Belstner

    Principal Engineer, Engineering & Solutions Pathfinding, IOTG/RBHE