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Scalable Video Technology

Scalable Video Technology (SVT) is a software-based video coding technology that is highly optimized for Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and Intel® Xeon® D processors. Using the open source SVT encoder core found on this website, it is possible to spread video encoding processing across multiple Intel® Xeon® processors. With many data centers using Intel® Xeon® processors, a real advantage of processing efficiency can be achieved by using a combination of SVT video encoders and Intel® Xeon® processors. The large core count available on modern processors (e.g. up to 56 cores per dual-socket platform) makes it possible to scale the performance of SVT encoders extremely well as a function of the available computational resources. 


Release Date: 
May 19, 2019

Features implemented:

  • 8 bit / 10 bit 4:2:0 up to 4k60p resolutions
  • Presets 0-8
  • New API, FFmpeg, GStreamer plugins
  • Rate control support (VBR, CVBR)
  • Block sizes from 4x4 to 128x128
  • Non-square blocks
  • Tiles
  • Deblocking / CDEF / Restoration filters
  • Film Grain
  • Warped motion estimation
  • Intra block copy
  • Trellis quantized coefficient optimization
  • Support for 4 and 5 layers prediction structures
  • Chroma search in MD
  • Multi-reference picture support