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Release Date: 
Aug 09, 2019

v1.4 release notes

  • Depreciated -tune interface (only legacy tune 1 remains valid)
  • Added VBV (Video Buffering Verifier) feature
  • Added Y4M file support
  • Added support for YUV422/YUV444 with 8bit/10bit color formats
  • Added GStreamer plugin
  • Added motion-constrained tile sets (MCTS) feature
  • Added support for motion vectors to be constrained to picture boundaries
  • Added HDR (High dynamic Range) feature
  • Improved thread shutdown handling
  • Improved build process and support for VS 2019
  • Validated on CentOS
  • Added Style Guide
  • Expanded test documentation
  • Numerous bug fixes including:
    Eliminated corruption of interlaced input
    Rate distortion computation
    Eliminating Compiler warnings
    Bit estimation overflows
    Fix differences in bitstream between intrinsic/c code
    Improved variable bit rate (rc=1) encoding stability