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There are many ways to particpate in the SVT project. You can join the mailing list, browse and submit an issue in GitHub, or start a conversation on twitter using the hashtag #SVT-HEVC and/or #SVT-AV1. 

Submit an issue

Found a bug? Want to report an issue or even request a new feature? Please submit your requests on the GitHub SVT-HEVC Issues Tab. Don’t have an issue to submit, but still want to see what others have submitted? You can do that as well at the link below

Contribute code 

Have something to contribute? Review the eature request on Trello to identify areas where you’d like to contribute and generate a pull request to be reviewed by the project maintainers.

SVT-AV1 Trello board

SVT-HEVC Trello board

SVT-VP9 Trello board


SVT-AV1 Pull Request

SVT-HEVC Pull Request

SVT-VP9 Pull Request

Mailing list

We want to create a vibrant and active developer community, but we need your help! You can help by subscribing to our mailing lists and participating in conversations around SVT-HEVC. Let others know of your experience and ask SVT-HEVC engineers and fellow developers for help. The development team will also be keeping everyone up to date on the latest with SVT, so make sure and subscribe to get all the latest news. For those interested in AV1 development, a separate mailing list is available to follow the SVT-AV1 progress and news.

To subscribe, interact with developers, SVT engineers and other interested parties, (or just browse past messages) please follow the links below: