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Scalable Video Technology

Scalable Video Technology (SVT) is a software-based video coding technology that is highly optimized for Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and Intel® Xeon® D processors. Using the open source SVT encoder core found on this website, it is possible to spread video encoding processing across multiple Intel® Xeon® processors. With many data centers using Intel® Xeon® processors, a real advantage of processing efficiency can be achieved by using a combination of SVT video encoders and Intel® Xeon® processors. The large core count available on modern processors (e.g. up to 56 cores per dual-socket platform) makes it possible to scale the performance of SVT encoders extremely well as a function of the available computational resources. 

There are many ways to particpate in the SVT project. You can submit an issue in GitHub, or start a conversation on twitter using the hashtag #SVT-HEVC and/or #SVT-AV1. 

Submit an issue

Found a bug? Want to report an issue or even request a new feature? Please submit your requests on the GitHub SVT-HEVC Issues Tab. Don’t have an issue to submit, but still want to see what others have submitted? You can do that as well at the link below

Contribute code 

Have something to contribute?

SVT-AV1 Pull Request

SVT-HEVC Pull Request

SVT-VP9 Pull Request