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Thunderbolt™ technology is a transformational high-speed, dual protocol I/O that provides unmatched performance with up to 40Gbps bidirectional transfer speeds. It provides flexibility and simplicity by supporting both data (PCIe , USB3.1) and video (DisplayPort) on a single cable connection that can daisy-chain up to six devices.

In addition, Thunderbolt™ Networking allows for the connection of two or more computers through a Thunderbolt cable.

Thunderbolt Networking uses the existing operating system’s network sharing functionality to connect the systems via an Ethernet connection. It allows the computers to share resources between themselves as well as connect to devices within the connection chain.

News & Blogs

Thunderbolt fwupd plug-in has been released

By Michael Jamet on Jan 22, 2017

In addition to the current host firmware update offering, we're proud to announce the upstreaming of Thunderbolt plug-in into the existing fwupd framework. This framework is intended to provide a solution for OEMs to simplify the deployment of...

Thunderbolt Software 16.2.59

By Michael Jamet on Jan 19, 2017

The release 16.2.59 has been released on Jan 19th, 2016. Changelog says: tbtfwucli ---------     - Added getPCIAddress command to use the new library API tbt_fwu_Controller_getPCIAddress()     - Adapted...

Thunderbolt Software 16.2.57

By Michael Jamet on Dec 06, 2016

The release 16.2.57 has been released on Dec 6th, 2016. This release introduces host controller FW update on Thunderbolt(TM) 3 DSL/JHL6000 controllers. Changelog says: tbtfwucli ----------     - Initial release...

Thunderbolt Software 16.1.54

By Michael Jamet on Oct 27, 2016

The release 16.1.54 has been released on Oct 27th, 2016. Changelog says: Fix in udev rules to use the correct driver name  Daemon build   The daemon code can be accessed from a Git Hub at: https://github....