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Thunderbolt fwupd plug-in has been released

In addition to the current host firmware update offering, we're proud to announce the upstreaming of Thunderbolt plug-in into the existing fwupd framework. This framework is intended to provide a solution for OEMs to simplify the deployment of firmware udpates on the field. The solution consists of a fwupd daemon that runs on a Linux PC in GUI or CLI mode and is able to interact with a remote...

Thunderbolt Software 16.2.59

The release 16.2.59 has been released on Jan 19th, 2016. Changelog says: tbtfwucli ---------     - Added getPCIAddress command to use the new library API tbt_fwu_Controller_getPCIAddress()     - Adapted to the modified signature of tbt_fwu_Controller_updateFW()     - Added printing of FW update progress status     - Fixed...

Thunderbolt Software 16.2.57

The release 16.2.57 has been released on Dec 6th, 2016. This release introduces host controller FW update on Thunderbolt(TM) 3 DSL/JHL6000 controllers. Changelog says: tbtfwucli ----------     - Initial release introducing FW update CLI sample for FW update   on Thunderbolt(TM) 3 DSL/JHL6000 controllers (host only,   no device FW update...

Thunderbolt Software 16.1.54

The release 16.1.54 has been released on Oct 27th, 2016. Changelog says: Fix in udev rules to use the correct driver name  Daemon build   The daemon code can be accessed from a Git Hub at: The kernel code can be accessed from a Git Hub at: