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Thunderbolt Software 16.2.59

BY Michael Jamet ON Jan 19, 2017

The release 16.2.59 has been released on Jan 19th, 2016.

Changelog says:

    - Added getPCIAddress command to use the new library API tbt_fwu_Controller_getPCIAddress()
    - Adapted to the modified signature of tbt_fwu_Controller_updateFW()
    - Added printing of FW update progress status
    - Fixed GitHub issue #7 - (Cosmetic) tbtfwucli help description isn't accurate
    - tbtfwucli version 0.0.2 (build
    - Added tbt_fwu_Controller_getPCIAddress() API
    - Changed tbt_fwu_Controller_updateFW() signature to support progress reporting
    - Added pkg-config file
    - Various fixes for stabilization 
    - libtbtfwu version 1.0.0 (build
The user space components code can be accessed at:

The kernel code can be accessed at: