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Time Series Data Visualization



Time Series Data Visualization (TSDV) provides a simple solution to fetch, render, and interact with large data sets of time series data. It combines the speed of native databases with the universal availability of HTML5. By using web technology for graph rendering, TSDV can be used on any platform that supports a web view.


Many IOT devices contain a wealth of data that is most meaningful to the user in visual form. Many existing libraries do not have the capability for large quantities of data, are difficult to integrate, and/or do not provide flexibility for how the data can be viewed.


The goal of TSDV is to provide a solution that displays meaningful graphs of data setswhether large or small. When trying to view data accumulated over several years, graphing each point sometimes isn’t feasible because of the massive amount of data. Instead, TSDV uses an adjustable downsampling algorithm that takes the requested date range and returns a manageable set of data that fits the curve. The number of data points returned can be specified, giving the user flexibility on how much data they want to display at a time. When downsampling, TSDV can also cache the data to speed up fetching on future requests. Data can be requested in any increment for time and date rangeshours, days, weeks, months, or years. Users can request data that is not yet visible to create an infinite graph and uninterrupted scrolling.  Another option is to request the same date range with scaling dataset sizes, allowing for different granularity depending on how far the graph is zoomed in. While the current implementation is set up to use a SQLite database, TSDV can be configured to use whatever backend you wish by implementing the simple abstract API.

Projects that use TSDV:

BASIS PEAK (LEGACY)- With the Basis Peak watch and app, you get deep insights into how your body is performing, from workouts to sleep and everything in-between. Basis Peak combines comprehensive fitness and sleep analysisincluding heart rate during exercisewith smartwatch notifications, making it the ultimate all-in-one device. Now see 12 hours’ worth of your activities thanks to our new graph rendering tool, engineered with Intel Open Source Software.