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Tizen Web Simulator

The Tizen Web Simulator is a lightweight tool for developing mobile web applications. Extending the Google Chrome developer tools, it enables running and debugging web APIs for a variety of mobile platforms. It currently supports the Tizen 1.0 Web API.

  • Starting the Web Simulator

    The Web Simulator can be used in a variety of settings including by itself in stand-alone mode or with other SDKs and IDEs. Install Google Chrome The Web Simulator runs on the Google Chrome browser. To use the Web Simulator, you must first download and install Google Chrome on your development platform: Use the Web Simulator with the Tizen SDK If you are...

    By 01 Staff (not verified) on Jan 14, 2014
  • Tizen 1.0 Web API Coverage

    Below is a summary of the Tizen 1.0 APIs supported in the latest release. Some APIs are supported with a Javascript backend and others are provided by Google Chrome. Supported Tizen APIs The following APIs are implemented by the simulator in JavaScript. Tizen Alarm Calendar Call Contact Geocoder LBS Maps Messaging System Information Time Non-supported...

    By 01 Staff (not verified) on Jan 14, 2014
  • Web Simulator Features

    Application URL bar When the simulator is started the first time, the application URL bar will be empty. Enter the full path to your application's main content file (such as index.html) in the URL bar. The application will be loaded and run. You can change the active application at any time by editing this field. When it is started, the simulator will automatically load the last active...

    By 01 Staff (not verified) on Jan 13, 2014