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Trusty* is a set of software components supporting a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) on client devices.
Trusty-IA consists of:
  • An operating system (the Trusty OS) that runs on a processor intended to provide a TEE.
  • Drivers for the Android* kernel (Linux*) to facilitate communication with applications running under the Trusty OS.
  • A set of libraries for Android systems software to facilitate communication with trusted applications executed within the Trusty OS using the kernel drivers.
  • A hypervisor that hosts and isolates the Trusty OS and the Android systems based on Intel hardware virtualization technology.
The following diagram shows the Trusty-IA Architecture. 
Two-VM Solution
  • Trusted apps (TA) in Trusty OS running in a separate VM (Android in the other)
  • Trusted apps isolated with Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT) for IA-32, Intel® 64 and Intel® Architecture (Intel® VT-x)
  • Intel provides HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer), X86 Adaptation layer and VMM (Virtual Machine Monitor)
  • Hypervisor utilizes Intel® Kernel Guard Technology (Intel® KGT) open sourced in 2015 by Intel.
OEMs can develop their own Android client apps and corresponding Trusty app/services.