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Bay Trail Audio for HDMI*


ABOUT Bay Trail Audio for HDMI*

This project provides:  Low Power Engine (LPE) Audio support on Bay Trail: High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) on Ubuntu* 14.04 in source code form.

Who It's For

This project is for application and system developers seeking audio through HDMI on systems using Bay Trail (BYT-TCR) silicon with Ubuntu.

Project Specifics

The source code is a snapshot of the Linux kernel at the time of developing the driver. Embedded in the root of the source code is a *.patch, which must be applied before building the driver to gain LPE audio support for HDMI in Ubuntu. In addition, the *.patch can be inspected to learn the changes necessary to enable this support.


The source code for the driver is under GNU General Purpose License v2.0 and, as such, respective license obligations must be met to redistribute or use code in other products. For more information, see: