1. Q: What is the Android IA Project?

A: Android-IA project is an open sourced Android reference stack that supports drivers such as Mesa i965, I915 Linux Kernel Graphics Driver, Video Acceleration API.

  1. Q: Is it an official Intel project?

A: Yes, Android IA is an official Intel project supported by various teams across Intel and the community.

  1. Q: How many people are working on it?

A: There are several people across Intel who contribute to Android IA.

  1. Q: If customers want to ship a product based on Android IA, will Intel support them?

A: Today, the purpose of the Android IA project is to serve as reference implementation. As an open source project, we welcome community contributions to improve quality and performance. If there are any specific customer request, please contact Paul (paul.s.chelladurai@intel.com).

  1. Q: Where can I find the source code to download and build?

A: https://01.org/android-ia/user-guides/android-reference-implementations-user-guide

  1. Q: I would like to contribute. Would Intel accept my contributions?

A: Please go through the licences here: https://01.org/android-ia/guides/developers

  1. Q: Do you have an IRC channel?

A: Yes, #android-ia on freenode.

  1. Q: How do I register in 01.org and track bugs?

A: 01.org is a website that handles Intel's external open source branding, it also has a account facility that is used to provided accounts for our open source bug tracking instance at 01.org/jira. It is a secure website managed by Intel IT. To register sign up here: https://01.org/user. You login to 01.org/jira and begin bug tracking once you have completed that step.

  1. Q: How do I file bugs?

A: Register in 01.org and you can log in to https://01.org/jira/projects/AIA/issues/AIA-2?filter=allopenissues to file bugs