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Virtual Storage Manager (VSM) is a web-based management application for Ceph storage systems. VSM creates, manages, and monitors a Ceph cluster. VSM simplifies the creation and day-to-day management of a Ceph cluster for cloud and data center storage administrators.

VSM provides a unified, consistent view of a Ceph storage system. The VSM web interface provides the operator with the ability to monitor overall cluster status, manage cluster hardware and storage capacity, inspect detailed operation status of Ceph subsystems, manage Ceph interoperation with OpenStack Cinder, and manage VSM users. VSM can be optionally connected to an OpenStack Nova server; when so connected, VSM is able to attach Ceph pools to the OpenStack Cinder multi-backend service.

VSM's is a community project. It's git source repository, patch submission guidelines, mail list info, technical wiki, and documentation is at see the file posted there for important information on what VSM is, what it is not, and current environments and constraints.

Production and engineering releases will be posted in the github releases area with install instructions in the file for the apropriate branch. The operations manual and roadmap slides are in the Documention folder.   

The Jira issue and feature tracker is at

The public mail list for questions and discussion is at

And the technical wiki is at

For technical questions please use the public mail list or Jira.  

Send feedback on this project page and its subpages, or questions about VSM, to the forum.