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v1.0 production build



New Features

  1. Openstack Icehouse support

Fixed bugs

  1. [VSM-187](    GUI shows always replication 3 when replicated pool is other than "Same as Primary"
  2. [VSM-183](    ct_target_max_mem_mb and ct_target_max_capacity_gb sets the same value in create cache tier
  3. [VSM-182](    add osd_heartbeat_grace and osd_heartbeat_interval to cluster.manifest
  4. [VSM-173](    Can select same storage group in create replicated pool -- which should not


Known issues

  1.  [VSM-191](    VSM does not display the replica storage group.
  2.  [VSM-192](    force nonempty.
  3.  [VSM-188](    Missing column in manage pool page.