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Rspamd 1.1 released with Hyperscan support for regex matching

Email filtering systems have long been heavy users of pattern matching technologies, often requiring that each and every message passing through a mail server be scanned against a large number of regular expressions. The Hyperscan team is happy to pass on the news that Rspamd, an open-source high performance spam filtering system, has integrated Hyperscan for use in its regex matching task into...

How We Match Regular Expressions

  This blog post is a quick summary of a big project; we want to go into a lot more detail (and you can always look at the code), but it makes sense for us to get the fundamentals out there. This post is aimed at developers who are looking to understand how Hyperscan works or get involved in the Hyperscan source base; you certainly don't need to understand Hyperscan internals to make use of...

Welcome to Hyperscan!

Welcome to the Hyperscan blog at! We’re happy to be able to share the work that we’re doing on Hyperscan with the world – as of October 19, 2015 Hyperscan 4.0 becomes an Open Source product released under the 3-clause BSD license. Hyperscan is a software-based regular expression matching library, supporting large-scale, high-performance, streaming regular expression matching on Intel...