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gSSO or ‘glib-Single-Sign-On’ is an extensible, secure storage and a single sign-on service for Linux-based platforms. Its password and authentication management supports all the common authentication protocols, like OAuth, Digest and SASL out of the box. gSSO is extensible, based on a plug-in architecture.

gSSO is an open source project. All of our development is done in the open in our mailing lists and the repository. We encourage you to let us know what you think, submit bugs, and send us your patches!

Git repositories

Core daemon and plugins:

SASL plugin:

OAuth plugin:

Client API library:

Gtk-based SSO user interface:

Mailing lists


The gSSO IRC channel is #accounts-sso at You are welcome to discuss gSSO development!


When you discover a problem or want to request a new feature, you can report it on the gSSO issue tracker.

Tarball downloads

You can find all the tarball downloads here:


Clone our git repositories, develop code, and send pull requests to the issue tracker system! Code speaks louder than words.