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Marius Nestor

Today is a great day for Linux gamers as Collabora's Emil Velikov proudly announced the general availability of the Mesa 17.0.0 3D Graphics Library for all GNU/Linux operating systems. Additionally, Intel Haswell GPUs now support OpenGL 4.5, RADV supports multiple devices.

Khronos Group Logo
Imad Sousou

Today I am proud to announce that Intel is among a select group of graphics platform suppliers with drivers certified for the most advanced versions of all three open industry-defined 3D graphics APIs on Linux*: OpenGL* 4.5, OpenGL ES* 3.2 and Vulkan* 1.0.

External Blog

Seems that there was a rift in the spacetime that sucked away the video of my LCA talk, but the awesome NextDayVideo team managed to

Linux Graphics Teapot
Annie Matheson

We are excited to reveal the new Intel® Linux* Graphics teapot mark to represent our leading-edge 3D graphics driver stack.

External Blog

This is the write-up of my talk at LCA 2017 in Hobart. It’s not exactly the same, because this is a blog and not a talk, but the same contents. The