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BY Prital Shah ON Dec 21, 2017

ISA-L & ISA_L Crypto 2.21 has been released on December 21st 2017.

Please test and report any issues.

New features include:

 ISA-L v2.21.0

  1. Igzip improvements : New compression levels added.ISA-L fast deflate now has more levels to balance speed vs. target compression level. Level 0, 1 are as in previous generations. New levels 2 & 3 target higher compression roughly comparable to zlib levels 2-3. Level 3 is currently only optimized for processors with AVX512 instructions.

  2. New T10dif & copy function - crc16_t10dif_copy() : CRC and copy was added to emulate T10dif operations such as DIF insert and strip.This function stitches together CRC and memcpy operations eliminating an extra data read.

  3. CRC32 iscsi performance improvements Fixes issue under some distributions where warm cache performance was reduced.

    ISA-L_crypto v2.21.0

  1. Multi-buffer hash performance improvement for Intel(R) Atom(tm) processors. New by-2 shani versions for multi-buffer sha1 & sha256.

  2. New base functions for multi-buffer hashes md5_mb, sha1_mb, sha256_mb, sha512_mb.

The API doc has been included :