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Fedora 26 & Integrated Graphics?

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Robert Phair

Jul 19, 2017 - 01:48pm

  • I've just installed Fedora 26 and have problems with highly compressed video (x.264 over a certain bitrate).  Currently I'm using whatever driver for Intel Integrated Graphics that would come in the standard Fedora 26 repo.  (I don't believe this is a codec problem because low bandwidth video is OK with the same codec.)

    I saw there was an Intel® Graphics Update Tool for Linux* OS v2.0.5 but I don't see it available for Fedora 26 at this time, either as a package download or in the repositories: Fedora 26 has been in public release for about a week now.  Can someone please tell me:

    • if & when the Intel® Graphics Update Tool will be available for Fedora 26?
    • if the need for another driver (and tool) has somehow been superseded on Fedora 26?

    Any other advice would also be welcome.  Video support under these conditions was working well on all previous operating systems up through my last used Ubuntu 16.04, but I don't know how to obtain drivers & settings from Ubuntu that would work in my new environment.  I'd be open to advice to wait until proper drivers come out before proceeding with Fedora 26.

    Jul 19, 2017 - 01:48pm