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OpenStack is quickly evolving
to address the complexities of edge computing, and bring forth exciting new use cases
Why evolving tech is powered by new diverse contributors

The Future Demands Innovation across Cloud and Edge

As businesses race to adopt strategies that will help them address ever-expanding data-centric, compute-intensive workloads that are growing quickly across the cloud and at the edge, OpenStack is evolving from a mature, production-ready cloud platform to a solid core for open infrastructure.

Intel was an early contributor to OpenStack, putting our energy behind the critical needs of the community to ensure that it thrives as a rock-solid cloud platform for solution providers and enterprises alike. Today, Intel’s commitment extends from the strong core of OpenStack to the projects and technologies that enable an open infrastructure—across cloud and edge.


Code talks . At Intel, we live and breathe this mantra. Our early contributions were instrumental in enhancing OpenStack's performance, availability, scalability and security, while easing its deployment. As increasingly complex workloads profliferate across the cloud and edge, we're ensuring that OpenStack, and complementary projects like Kata Containers, Kubernetes and Ceph, can take advantage of high-performing Intel® technologies.

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Through OpenStack, businesses can efficiently orchestrate dynamic, pooled compute, networking and storage resources, and reap the benefits of the modern data center, built on a Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI). Intel collaborates with leading ecosystem vendors to optimize their OpenStack-based solutions for advanced Intel technologies, providing businesses with a choice of solutions to maximize their IT resources.


Through leadership in governance and work groups, sizable code contributions, and investment in mentorship and diversity-related activities, Intel helps ensure continued growth and vitality of the OpenStack community, and adjacent communities.


Intel is an active member of the OpenStack community, helping to ensure its continued growth and vitality through our leadership in its governance and investment in mentoring and internships programs that help inspire the next generation of OpenStack contributors.

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From blogs, infographics and videos, to case studies, reference architectures and white papers, Intel provides you with resources to unlock the full potential of OpenStack on Intel® Architecture.